Need a freelance health and fitness writer?

When you’re in the business of helping people build muscle, lose weight, eat better, and prevent disease, you need engaging content to build your audience and support your clients, patients, or members.

So what’s your game plan for creating great content?

Try and handle all the writing on your own. Manage a team of staffers to get the work done. Spin your wheels trying to find a writer on platforms like Craigslist and Upwork. There’s more than one way to handle your content needs, kind of like different workout plans that achieve the same results.

But is there a better way? Yes.

Hire me

My name is Evan Jensen. I’m a freelance health and fitness writer. I have a master’s degree in journalism and more than a decade of experience writing for newspapers and magazines. I also write for corporate clients like hospitals, gyms, personal trainers, wellness programs, and health professionals.

But it’s not just all work and no play. I also eat healthy, lead a weekly running group, lift weights, and run ultramarathons. More about me here.

Fresh content for your unique audience

Every touch-point in your business (B2C or B2B) requires well-written health and fitness content for your unique audience. Developing your content for health education, marketing, brand identify, and authority will help you build trust and confidence to transform lives and your business.

And that’s what you want when you’re a personal trainer, run a gym, manage a healthcare plan, support an employee wellness program, work with patients, or run a business with products and services that promote health.

Flex your content-creation muscles

Flex your content-creation muscles to map out your marketing strategy or plan out your editorial calendar. Then take a good look in the mirror to get a picture of just how much writing needs to to be done. You may need some help with health and fitness content like:

  • A blog post every week or more
  • All the pieces of content for a product launch and marketing campaign
  • A lead magnet, white paper, or case study to bring in new leads
  • A book to build your brand and authority
  • Social media messaging
  • An email marketing series
  • Articles on nutrition, exercise, and disease prevention
  • Webinars, press releases, website content

If your content projects and deadlines have you feeling like you need a little more writing muscle on your team, you’re not alone. Sure, you could probably run a marathon or clean-and-jerk some heavy weights without enough spark to do it well, but your form, technique, and sanity will probably suffer. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

Give me a call at (509) 768-7674 or send me an email (, and let’s talk about your content needs and projects.